When the Lights Go Out

Young people in a committed relationship are often living away from home, but they can still have issues if one or both of them are immature. There might have been a roommate who took care of paying the utility bills, but issues can arise when the lights go out because the couple has not worked out who is in charge of that now. If they are mature, they will find a way to work out the situation. Those who suffer from a need to be taken care of will soon find their relationship crumbling as their life turns chaotic.

Being an adult always looks easier when there are grownups around to take care of the minor details, but it is not always fun when it is time to deal with mundane or difficult issues. For those who have never needed to be disciplined enough to pay the rent or utilities, giving up a paycheck on a regular basis could be more than they can handle. They might become angry or resentful, and the person most likely to receive their bad feelings is the person they love.

Learning how to cope with the pressures of being adults on their own can often break a relationship apart, so couples should be aware of what they will face when they move in together. They should have a budget and a plan to pay the bills, and each of them should understand it might take a bit of climbing up the learning curve before they are good at doing it on a regular basis.

For those who have realized that life is not quite as easy as they imagined it, the ability to discuss issues and work out solutions will enhance their relationship. They will learn how to become a team that can tackle the large and small obstacles of life.