Time to Grow Up

For those who have made a long term commitment to a relationship, support of their partner is one of the most important assets they can provide. Their ability to take care of the mundane parts of life such as paying the bills, taking out the trash, and even caring for the couple’s pets will help make life better for both of them. Those who choose to remain immature are often risking the future of their relationship, and they will eventually come to a point where their partner will declare it is time to grow up or get out.

Few people want to end a relationship where they have felt love for their partner, but those suffering from being with an immature person often find it is necessary. Their partner’s lack of responsibility can hold them back in their life, and they might feel it is even interfering with their career. The purpose of a long term relationship is to build a life together, so the failure of their partner to contribute to their success can drag them down.

One of the ways people measure success in a relationship is by how much easier life is with the other person, so those who believe they could find someone more supportive are often encouraged by others to walk away from an immature partner. While their partner might just claim they are the ones providing all the fun in life, the mature person might begin to see they could have more fun with a mature person.

Growing up does not mean a person must give up fun activities, but it will not be successful unless the bills are paid on time with money earned from steady employment. For those who have refused to grow into responsible adults, watching their partner walk out the door might be the end of their fun forever.