Frustration and Arguments

Growing pains for youngsters turning into adults can be hard on a person, but when a young couple is experiencing them when trying to live on their own it is even worse. They could find that the wonderful life they planned is slipping quickly away from them, and their dreams have begun to turn into impossible fantasies. Coming home at night to find dirty dishes in the sink, laundry undone, and the rent money invested in a new phone can lead to frustration and arguments. Something clearly needs to be done, or the relationship will dissolve into divorce.

Many young couples today both work before they start a family, but that does not necessarily help their maturity level. Those who have been working at the same job for a few years might be frozen in place, and they fail to realize that moving out of their family home does come with responsibilities. Their partner might be in the same situation, but a higher level of maturity makes them able to handle the pressing needs of the couple until their partner derails their work.

It can be truly frustrating to be with someone who suddenly appears immature, but the new circumstances are part of the issue. The lack of understanding that rent money is a necessity might seem ridiculous, but the person spending that money might not really understand the importance of paying rent on time. It can be issues like these that spark the flames of anger, and the lack of responsible behavior can change the anger into rage when no solution is available.

A couple fighting through their first year of marriage together is considered normal behavior, but a lack of maturity is an issue that must be solved before it creates a disaster. For the spouse dealing with a childish partner, arguments will never solve their issues.